21 Best Birthday Gift Ideas for Your Boyfriend’s 21st Birthday (2022)

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Your boyfriend is finally legal, hooray!

You probably know that a 21st birthday is no ordinary birthday… It’s one of those special days you remember for the rest of your life … (unless you drink too much, but that’s a different story).

So I know what’s probably going through your mind right now: “What gift should I get my boyfriend for his 21st birthday?”

Don’t worry, you came to the right place…

I won’t let you leave here before we make sure you find him a special gift he’ll appreciate for many years to come…

Ready? Let’s get down to business…

Top 21st Gifts for Your Boyfriend

What are the very best gifts you can get for your boyfriend’s 21st birthday?

Wouldn’t you like to know…

Don’t worry… I got you covered!

We actually gave away awards to the top gifts on this list…

See, told you I’ve got you covered…

Tech & Gadget GiftsMen's AccessoriesMen's Grooming GiftsPersonalized GiftsMeaningful GiftsFunny Gifts
Top Tech Gift Top Men’s Accessory Top Grooming Gift Top Personalized Gift Top Meaningful Gift Top Funny Gift
Gopro Hero5 BlackGoPro Hero5 BlackRay-Ban 3025 Aviator Large Metal Mirrored Non Polarized SunglassesRay-Ban 3025 Aviator Large Metal Mirrored Non Polarized SunglassesDolce & Gabbana The One 3 Piece Gift Set For MenDolce & Gabbana The One 3 Piece Gift Set For MenPersonalized 21st Birthday Glass Beer MugPersonalized 21st Birthday Glass Beer MugHeart In Sand Framed PrintHeart In Sand Framed PrintLove Collection Pewter Sentiment CoinsLove Collection Pewter Sentiment Coins
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Tech & Gadget Gifts

What boyfriend wouldn’t want the latest tech gadgets for his 21st birthday?

Nowadays, we depend on technology as a source of entertainment and information (perhaps even too much). Both because it makes our lives much better and easier, and also because everyone wants to stay trendy… and I bet your boyfriend is no different.

That’s why these amazing electronic gifts & gadgets will make a perfect birthday gift for your man.

Did you think he couldn’t possibly love you more than he does now? Think again… once you’ll surprise him with one of these awesome presents, I have a good feeling you’ll score some extra points with him.


Top Tech Gift
Gopro Hero5 Black

Wouldn’t it be nice to cherish his 21st birthday with the latest GoPro model? If you’ve been alive in the past 5-10 years, I probably don’t have to explain how awesome this device does.

Imagine capturing every moment you’ll share together this year in great detail and clarity: your trips, your selfies, and your Friday night outs… and a year from now, on his 22nd birthday, you’ll be sitting together and watch all the wonderful memories you captured on his brand-new GoPro.

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Beats Studio Wireless Over-Ear Headphone – Gloss Black

Beats Studio Wireless Over Ear Headphone

Let’s run a little experiment:

  • What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you think about Beats (or Dr. Dre)?
  • What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you think about headphones?

If you’re like most people, the answer to the first question was “headphones”, and the answer to the 2nd question was “Beats by Dr. Dre”. That’s how popular these headphones are.

Dr. Dre’s awesome headphone brand has been consistent in bringing the highest sound quality and premium looks throughout the years. In fact, there’s a good chance your boyfriend already owned a pair.

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Amazon Echo (2nd Generation)

Amazon Echo 2nd Generation

Order a Pizza, control the lights, and buy you a nice gift from Amazon… Those are just a few things your boyfriend will be able to do with this revolutionary device. Amazon’s groundbreaking voice assistant is a must have for every tech-fanatic.

Don’t let the size of it fool you – it’s an extremely smart device that will keep getting smarter and smarter the more you interact with it. Wouldn’t you like to sing “Happy Birthday” to your boyfriend along with the Echo?

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Fitbit Charge 2

Fitbit Charge 2 Heart Rate + Fitness Wristband

Does your boyfriend love to work out?

He doesn’t?! Time to change that and get his *ss moving!

That’s where the Fitbit comes in (plus some of your inspiration to go work out). Help him reach his fitness goals with a birthday gift that monitors his active lifestyle.

The Fitbit wristband, along with its high-tech OLED display, allows you to track your fitness progress with its step counter, heart rate, exercise, nutrition, water intake and sleep monitoring among others.

Plus, he’ll be able to easily read your text messages and see when you’re calling every time he’s working out.

Note: If he does love to work out – he’ll naturally LOVE the Fitbit, and you won’t have to convince him to move his b*tt… so you win either way.

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Men’s Accessories Gifts

Aside from his personality, you fell in love with your boyfriend because of his good looks. Can you still remember when you first saw him and your heart just wants to jump out of your chest because of admiration?

Fall head over heels for your boyfriend over and over again with these fashion accessories that will make him more handsome than before.

Ray-Ban 3025 Aviator Large Metal Mirrored Non-Polarized Sunglasses

Top Men’s Accessory
Ray Ban 3025 Aviator Large Metal Mirrored Non Polarized Sunglasses

Women have a thing for pilots (right?). That uniform, hat and oh, the aviator sunglasses. Sexy, right?

Well lucky for your boyfriend, he can rock that Aviator look even if he’s not a pilot…yet. These Ray-Ban eyeglasses will complement his great fashion sense and you can have your very own (soon-to-be?) pilot to take you anywhere you want.

All jokes aside – Ray-Ban’s signature sunglasses are one of the best presents a young man could wish for. It is a bit expensive, but if you can afford it – then maybe it’s worth bringing a smile to your boyfriend’s face.

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Seiko Men’s SNAA30 Stainless Steel Two-Tone Watch

Seiko Mens Snaa30 Stainless Steel Two Tone Watch

With all the Apple watches and smartwatches taking over the news section in the past few years, it’s easy to forget that an old-fashioned, elegant watch is still one of the best gifts to get any young man… especially when it’s Seiko watches we’re talking about – one of the most famous brands in the world.

Goes perfectly with casual wear as well as elegant suites, this watch upgrades any man who’s lucky enough to own it… not to mention lucky enough to have a girlfriend he buys him this watch for his birthday.

Tip: Seiko’s watch is water resistant to 330 feet…so he can still wear it while you go swimming or snorkeling together.

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Lacoste Men’s FG Large Billfold Wallet

Lacoste Mens Fg Large Billfold Wallet

If he’s not a fan of elegant watches, there’s no chance he’ll say no to an elegant wallet… after all, every man needs a wallet, so why not go with a beautiful, elegant & practical Lacoste wallet he’ll happily carry around with him everywhere he goes…

A perfect and much more affordable gift for your boyfriend.

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Men’s Grooming Gifts

You don’t have to limit yourself to personal accessories he can wear or use. Men’s grooming products are an incredibly popular gift as well.

Trust me, we like to take care of ourselves just as women do…Especially when we have a girlfriend to impress 🙂

Calvin Klein OBSESSION for Men Eau de Toilette

Calvin Klein Obsession For Men Eau De Toilette

Obsesses with your boyfriend? Then Calvin Klein’s OBSESSION for men is a natural fit.

Not obsessed with your boyfriend? After he starts wearing OBSESSION, you will be 🙂

Intense, unforgettable, provocative… This fantastic luxury perfume has a fresh citrus scent that will make you want to smell him all day long. It even lingers to you for hours on end.

Just make sure to buy a stick while you’re at it, there’s a good chance other girls will start to turn their heads so you’d want to mark your territory.

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Versace EROS Gift Set for Men

Versace Eros Gift Set For Men

Your boyfriend just had a long day in class or at work… He’s all sweaty, tired and smelly, and all he wants is to kick back, chill, and enjoy a nice night out with you.

Question is, how do you make him feel refreshed, rejuvenated and irresistible again?

Versace has got the answer… their EROS gift set for men was made exactly for this purpose: to give men the fresh & vibrant feeling after a long day.

Every man that wears EROS feels like a man again, and his girlfriend feels like she’s got the sexiest man alive! Now that’s the kind of smell you’d want your man to have during dinner.

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Dolce & Gabbana The One 3 Piece Gift Set for Men

Top Grooming Gift
Dolce & Gabbana The One 3 Piece Gift Set For Men

We’ve got your man covered for a night out… what about during the day?

Introducing: Dolce & Gabbana’s 3 piece gift set for men.

Made especially for casual wear, this gift set includes everything a man needs to start off his day on the right foot:

  • Shower gel
  • After Shave Balm
  • Eau de Toilette spray

One of the best men’s grooming presents you can get your lovely boyfriend… Plus, the price is also very reasonable considering the huge value you get for your money…

That’s why we proudly grant the “Top Grooming Gift” award to Dolce & Gabbana’s amazing gift set.

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Get unique gift ideas straight from the Gift Samurai's Dojo

Personalized Gifts

You want a gift that’s a little more personalized… Something you can add a personal touch to… something thoughtful he can look back to and remember the moment you gave him this present.

I get it…

These personalized gifts are a wonderful way to give your birthday something just for him… something he’ll never forget.

Personalized 21st Birthday Glass Beer Mug

Top Personalized Gift
Personalized 21st Birthday Glass Beer Mug

Time to address the elephant in the room: your boyfriend can’t wait to FINALLY have his first few legal drinks as an adult. Sure, you can go grab a few drinks or shots… but why not make this event more special?

Wouldn’t you want your boyfriend to remember his first EVER legal drink as a special moment? Trust me, when he sees his 21st birthday beer mug in his cupboard after a few years, that’s exactly the stuff that gets a smile on your face, and a loving hug from your boyfriend.

A lovely keepsake and a pretty terrific gift your man will definitely enjoy.

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Home Brew Beer Caddy

Home Brew Beer Caddy

Looking for something with a bit more alcoholic “twist” than just a personalized beer mug?

Here’s an idea: get him this home brew beer caddy, engrave it with his own name, and pack this beer caddy with a couple of cold drinks for the two of you to enjoy together (If you’re not 21 yet, then you can drink the water).

Now here’s something he’ll remember and be able to use for many years to come… it will always remind him of his 21st birthday, thanks to his sweet girlfriend’s gesture. It’s definitely a much better experience than just getting wasted in a bar (even there is a certain appeal in that, I get it…)

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Monogrammed Black Blade with Wood Grip Pocket Knife

Monogrammed Black Blade With Wood Grip Pocket Knife

A monogrammed blade with an elegant wooden grip engraved your boyfriend’s initials – now that’s definitely an “adult” gift… Perhaps even “too adult” for you two.

But if your boyfriend is a little more mature for his age, and appreciates personal & meaningful gestures, trust me – this is one hell of a gift you can buy for your boyfriend’s 21st birthday, and for very cheap too…

Warning: under no circumstance should you give him this gift if you’re planning to go have drinks for his 21st birthday…Be cautious and responsible!

Get from Memorable Gifts

Meaningful Gifts

Here come the tissue-grabbing presents… If you decide to go the “meaningful gifts” route, prepare to see the emotional side of your boyfriend… because yes, contrary to your beliefs, men do have emotions…as you’re about to witness…

Heart in Sand Framed Print

Top Meaningful Gift
Heart In Sand Framed Print

What’s left to say here?

No man I know wouldn’t get emotional if his girlfriend hands him this incredibly thoughtful frame with both their names engraved in a heart on the sand.

You’ll bring back all the memories of your romantic walks on the beach, or your plans to have such walks in the future.

Without a doubt, one of the most meaningful gifts you can get for your boyfriend’s 21st…

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Carved Heart Art Canvas

Carved Heart Art Canvas

Staying with the heart theme, this time carved on a tree. There’s a reason why this is one of the most popular gifts couples order online for their boyfriend/girlfriend. It’s romantic as hell, it creates a lasting memory and it’s relatively cheap…

A precious keepsake your boyfriend will treasure for many years to come (he’ll have a hard time beating this gift on your birthday)

Get from Personal Creations

His/Hers Split Heart Keychain

Hishers Split Heart Keychain

Every time I see a split heart keychain, the first response that comes to mind is: “Aww… so sweet”.

That feeling gets multiplied when it’s personalized with the couple’s names.

A very sweet & meaningful gift for your other half.

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Lucky to be in Love Romantic Gift Picture Frame for Boyfriend

Lucky To Be In Love Romantic Gift Picture Frame For Boyfriend

Are you lucky to be in love with your best friend?

Then why don’t you tell him that… Better yet, why not show him that?

Find your best photo you took together, and frame it with this incredibly sweet & romantic picture frame that will make him realize every time he sees it how lucky both of you really are.

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Funny Gifts

Care to give your boyfriend a few giggles when he opens his gift? Then here’s the section you’ve been looking for. LOLs are guaranteed with these hilarious presents for your boyfriend.

Love Collection Pewter Sentiment Coins

Top Funny Gift
Love Collection Pewter Sentiment Coins

Always wanted to get paid for giving your boyfriend a kiss? Your boyfriend feels like a sucker with all those massages he’s been giving you… stop the madness!

From now on, everything you two do – needs a token!

Note: This is obviously a playful game and shouldn’t be taken seriously. Please don’t start paying a token every time you kiss each other…

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Drink A Palooza Board Game

Let’s cut to the chase here: your boyfriend wants to drink alcohol. But that doesn’t require him to get so drunk he gets smeared on the street.

There’s a better way… a more fun way.



This cool gift includes all of the “old school” and “new school” drinking games, including Beer Pong, Flip Cup, Kings card game and other party games for adults.

Let the games begin!

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I Don’t Need Google My Boyfriend Knows Everything Novelty Ceramic Mug

I Don’t Need Google My Boyfriend Knows Everything Novelty Ceramic Mug

Let’s be honest… usually, the girlfriend Is the boyfriend’s Google. But the least you can do is to make him feel like he knows everything.

A hilarious (and HUGE) mug that will bring a smile to both your faces every time you’re grabbing a coffee.

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I’m 21 Bitches Shot Glass

I'm 21 Bitches Shot Glass

Not much to say here… the shot glass says it all.

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It’s not every day that your boyfriend turns 21… So, you’d want to make sure to surprise him with a great 21st birthday present he’ll never forget, or perhaps never remember (depends on what kind of present you choose).

I hope I helped you find some interesting 21st birthday gift ideas for your boyfriend… I’m curious – which of these presents did you end up getting him, and how are you two celebrating?

Let me know in the comments…

Wish him a happy 21st birthday day for me, will ya?

21st Birthday Gifts For Boyfriend Large
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