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Personal Gift Curation

Got a special event coming up, or someone special you’d like to surprise?

I can help! Tell me a little about the person the gift is for and for what occasion, and I’ll give you the best gift suggestions – straight from the tip of the Samurai sword!

Gift Suggestions

Got a gift idea you’d like to share with the Samurai?

Want to suggest a gift guide we should write about? (or would you like to write one yourself)

Working on a product you believe will make a great gift for certain occasions?

Tell me about it! Otherwise, I’ll come after you with my sword! (Just kidding, but really, I’d like to hear what you’ve got to offer)


Got an interesting project you’d like to collaborate on?

Want to write for the Gift Samurai, or have the Gift Samurai write for you?

I’m all ears… tell me all about it!


The Samurai doesn’t like to bloat the Dojo with too many ads, that’s why you won’t find a media kit or anything like that. That said, if you have an interesting offer you think might be a good fit for our readers, I’m open to hearing about it.

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