About Us

Greetings, fellow gift seeker!

I’m Rafael (aka “The Gift Samurai), and as you might have guessed, I created Gift Samurai along with my partner, Maria (aka “The Samurai Girl”) …

(Maria, say hello to our guest! Maria: “Hey there, fella!”)

I’d like to welcome you to the Gift Samurai’s Dojo – THE place the find awesome gifts for awesome events.

Now, let me guess – you’re all curious to find out who’s behind this stunning website, why the hell it’s called “Gift Samurai”, and what’s up with the whole “Dojo” thing.

Don’t worry, we’ll get to all of that in a sec…

But first: relax, take a deep breath, take your shoes off (you’re in the Samurai’s Dojo, remember?)… and let me show you tell a little bit about Gift Samurai…

What’s Gift Samurai?

The short version? 

Gift Samurai helps you find awesome gifts for your friends, family, dog/cat, neighbor, your neighbor’s dog/cat (you get the picture)…

Want the meaty details? Sure thing!

How Was Gift Samurai Born? 

Let me paint you a picture:

… Someone you love is celebrating their birthday…

… All excited, you hop on your computer (or these days, you grab your phone)

… You go to Google and search for special gifts for the occasion…

… You land on a website that just “vomits” a list of products they’re desperately trying to get you to buy…

Sound like fun? Not really…

That’s exactly what I thought when was looking for a gift for my girlfriend’s birthday.

I ended up buying a gift, but I hated it… NOT the gift (she actually liked it), but the experience.

There’s something very fake and inauthentic in the way we buy gifts online these days.

I thought to myself: “It just doesn’t feel right”… I wasn’t looking for an endless selection of average gifts, I was looking for a curated selection of unique gifts.

Then, it finally “clicked”. I asked myself (and Maria):

“Why not start a website where we hand-curate the best gifts for ANY occasion under the sun?”

I couldn’t find a reason not to (and neither could Maria)…

So… Poof! Two days later – Gift Samurai was born! 

What Kind of Name is “Gift Samurai”?

Excuse me?! “The Last Samurai” is one of the best movies EVER created (if you haven’t watched it, you’re missing out).

[SPOILER ALERT] I always liked these sorts of movies where the hero goes through a massive transformation in his life… 

And in a way, that’s what I’m looking to do here – to transform the way we buy gifts online.

So… gifts + samurai = giftsamurai.com! (luckily the domain name was available)

What Can You Find in the Gift Samurai’s Dojo?

Remember Alice in Wonderland? 

Go down the rabbit hole, Alice… and you’ll find the Gift Samurai’s Dojo with some amazing gifts!

Life is filled with special occasions, unforgettable moments and happy holidays(I certainly wish more of these upon you). 

Every time such a moment comes, enter the Gift Samurai’s Dojo – and I’ll do my best to help you find that special gift you never knew you were looking for.

Sound good?

By the way: In case you haven’t noticed, I’m a bit of a movie freak

How Can You Help?

In TONS of ways! 

  1. Help us spread the word! Tell one friend about us and we will like you. Tell more than one friend and we will love you. Tell a ton of friends, and who knows what will happen (call me, let’s talk!)
  2. Follow the Samurai in social media – Choose your favorite platforms, there’s a good chance we’re there creating all sorts of good stuff.
  3. Sign up for the Samurai’s Gift Dojo – that’s where all the action is: awesome gifts, rare deals and just all sorts of cool present ideas you’ll love.
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