21 Best Birthday Gift Ideas for Your Daughter’s 21st Birthday (2022)

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Your daughter’s big day has finally arrived… how exciting!

A 21st birthday is no ordinary birthday. It’s when your little princess is finally turning into a woman… that calls for a very special 21st birthday gift she’ll remember for a very long time. And since you’re reading this right now, I’m assuming you already knew that. 

Now, the question you’re probably asking is: “What should I get my daughter for her 21st birthday?”

Well, you’re in luck… you’re about to find an answer (more than one actually).

Thanks to these wonderful gift ideas, there’s no doubt your daughter will remember her 21st birthday, and not because it’s when she was legally allowed to drink, but because you gave her something an amazing present that lasts and is impossible to forget… 

Top 21st Birthday Gifts for Your Daughter

There are a TON of great gifts your daughter would love to get for her 21st birthday.

But there are a few gifts that stand out… gifts that your daughter won’t forget for a VERY long time…

Guess what? We gave these gifts special awards so there’s no chance you’ll miss them.

And here they are in front of you:

Beauty & Fashion GiftsJewelry GiftsTech & Gadgets GiftsPersonalized GiftsGift BasketsFunny Gifts
Top Beauty & Fashion Gift Top Jewelry Gift Top Tech Gadget Top Personalized Gift Top Gift Basket Top Funny Gift
Kate Spade New York Cedar Street Maise SatchelKate Spade New York Cedar Street Maise SatchelAnne Klein Womens Swarovski Crystal Accented Gold Tone White Watch Bangle SetAnne Klein Womens Swarovski Crystal + Gold White WatchCanon Eos Rebel T6 Digital Slr CameraCanon EOS Rebel T6 Digital Slr CameraPersonalized Wine GlassPersonalized Wine GlassEssence Of Luxury Spa Gift BasketEssence Of Luxury Spa Gift BasketTop Shelf 21st Birthday Wine Glass Hand PaintedTop Shelf 21st Birthday Wine Glass Hand Painted
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Beauty & Fashion Gifts

I bet when you started thinking about gifts for your daughter’s 21st birthday, one of the first things you thought of were fashion & beauty presents… and for a good reason.

I haven’t met any 21-year-old who didn’t wish for beautiful, trendy & fashionable presents for her birthday. You simply can’t go wrong with beauty & fashion gifts… However, you definitely CAN go wrong if you choose the wrong fashion gift. Because let’s face it: this isn’t an ordinary birthday… And your daughter’s 21st present shouldn’t be ordinary either.

Nine West Women’s Mana Leather Heeled Sandal

Nine West Womens Mana Leather Heeled Sandal

Young ladies love high heels… That’s obvious.

Your daughter, being the young angel she is, would definitely crave an amazing pair of leather heeled Sandals that will make her look gorgeous without killing her feet.

Not only do Nine West’s leather sandals look stunning, but they also are a very comfortable fit.

My 25-year old niece describes them as fun, hip footwear that fashionably sexy no matter the occasion.

Why It’s a Great Gift

  • Very durable
  • A fashion defining combo for comfort, style, and beauty.
  • Trend-right footwear – guaranteeing an appetite to wear them over and over again.

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Kate Spade New York Cedar Street Maise Satchel

Top Beauty & Fashion Gift

Kate Spade New York Cedar Street Maise Satchel

Here’s a trick question for you: what designer bag is high-quality, affordable and has a young & sleek design a 21-year-old would proudly carry everywhere she goes?

Hint: You’re looking at it.

Kate Spade’s elegant & gorgeous design is a great fit for a young woman: it’s small, sturdy and very VERY cute.

 Your daughter will be able to carry her necessities in style, and prompt her friends to ask her the inevitable question: “Wow, where did you get this bag?”… Guess who will get the credit?

Why It’s a Great Gift

  • Sophisticated elegance in a simple yet lovely way
  • Extensive functionality that allows one to transition through a broad spectrum of events in a sleek fashionable style
  • It is made from high-quality material thus it’s highly durable.
  • Comes in a variety of vibrant colors

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Juicy Couture Viva La Juicy

Juicy Couture Viva La Juicy

Do you remember when you turned 21?

The endless energy, fun, and adventure… Viva La Vida right?

Well, how about Viva La Juicy?

This breathtaking (literally) perfume is one of the best perfumes for young women. And in case you’re wondering – that’s not just my opinion… It’s the opinion of thousands upon thousands of young women who order (and reorder) it online.

Viva La Juicy’s unique fragrance is designed to make a young woman feel warm, alive and inspired. One to quote one of the reviewers on Amazon: “THIS PERFUME DOES SOMETHING TO A MAN.”

So, don’t be surprised if your daughter suddenly turns a few heads around when she starts wearing this perfume.

Tip: The perfume already comes with a bow, so you don’t even have to bother gift-wrapping it (but that’s always nice, so why not).

Why It’s a Great Gift

  • The vintage-style bottle and its golden crest are skillfully designed to make it almost irresistible to young women.
  • Well-balanced scent that’s clean and fresh without being too overwhelming
  • The fruity-floral top notes give it an intoxicatingly sweet fragrance that’s long-lasting
  • Excellent for girls in their teens and early adulthood

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Jewelry Gifts

Want your daughter to get a “Wow” response? Jewelry is the answer…

You can never go wrong with jewelry, that includes your daughter’s 21st birthday present. A jewelry gift speaks without you having to say a word (but you SHOULD say a few words).

Trust me, she’ll never forget the Jewelry gift her parents got her for her 21st birthday. But in order for that to happen, you need the right kind of Jewelry. Let’s find out what that means…

PANDORA Earring Darling Daisies + Gift Box

Pandora Earring Darling Daisies Gift Box

No young woman walks out of the house without a nice pair of earrings.

But here’s the thing: it’s your daughter 21st birthday… A “nice” pair of earrings doesn’t really cut it for this special occasion, does it?

For her 21st birthday, you get a chance to exceed even her expectations with an AMAZING pair of Pandora daisies.

Thanks to these eye-catching studs, your little girl will have a refreshing set of gorgeous earrings that go well with almost any outfit.

Flower earring studs are an ideal piece of jewelry for a young 21-year-old. They are highly versatile and are indeed a go-to accessory for countless occasions. I have no doubt your lovely daughter will appreciate this wonderful 21st birthday gift.

Why It’s a Great Gift

  • Designed to make the wearer look polished and finished
  • 100% authentic and are made from 925 sterling silver

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Love Heart Necklace – Simulated Birthstone Sterling Silver Gift for Women

Love Heart Necklace Simulated Birthstone Sterling Silver Gift For Women

Actions have long been known to speak better than words, haven’t they? Similarly, for women, jewelry often tells a better tale of love than words.

At the heart of every birthday celebration is lots and lots of a parent’s love towards their daughter. And a gorgeous love heart pendant necklace is the perfect embodiment of this love.

This necklace will touch the heart of your little girl and show her that you love her very much.

Why It’s a Great Gift

  • Designed to express love, care, and compassion
  • Upgrades every outfit
  • The simulated birthstones bring charm, joy, love, wisdom and a whole bunch of positive vibes to the young woman.

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PANDORA Sterling Silver Heart Clasp Bracelet

Pandora Sterling Silver Heart Clasp Bracelet

A necklace isn’t the only way to give your little princess a beautiful heart.

If she already has a ton of necklaces, then you can go the bracelet route…

And when it comes to high-quality bracelets, Pandora is one of the first names that pop up.

When you take a look at their stunning heart bracelet, you realize why they made such a name for themselves.

A stunning bracelet for any young woman with an eye for exquisite jewelry will love and adore.

Why It’s a Great Gift

  • Beautiful & High quality
  • Thoughtful gift for a daughter
  • Very comfortable fit

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Anne Klein Women’s Swarovski Crystal Accented Gold-Tone & White Watch + Bangle Set

Top Jewelry Gift
Anne Klein Womens Swarovski Crystal Accented Gold Tone White Watch Bangle Set

There’s always a time to get your daughter a beautiful watch.

But the best time? Her birthday obviously.

Hang on… we’re talking about her 21st birthday here. No ordinary or even “nice” watch will do the trick here… It has to be a special watch she’ll proudly display at any chance she gets… a gift she’ll remember for years & years to come…

Question is, can you find such a unique watch without breaking the bank? The answer is right in front of you… Anne Klein’s breathtaking Swarovski crystal gold-tone white watch is one of the best gifts any young woman can wish for. And being the loving parent you are, you’re lucky to grant your daughter a wish she didn’t even know she has. Hands down, our “Top Jewelry gift” award winner.

Tip: The watch is water resistant up to 100ft.  

Why It’s a Great Gift

  • Gold-toned bangle with a heart and bead charm
  • Clasp is spring-loaded + glitter accentedmakers
  • Elegant fit for every occasion
  • Bangle and watch can be worn together or separately, depending on the mood

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Tech & Gadgets Gifts

This day and age, having the latest technology & gadgets is just as important as having the trendiest clothes.

Even if your daughter isn’t a huge techie, there’s no doubt she can use some quality technology tools & gadgets, especially if she’s a student.

Apple MacBook Air Laptop

Apple Macbook Air Laptop

Apple’s MacBook is considered to be one of the best laptops available today, especially for students.

It’s one of those things that after you start using it, you wondered how you ever managed to live without it

If your daughter is a student, and you can afford to get her a MacBook Air, then this investment will pay itself off very quickly.

A true game changer and an outstanding gift for your 21-year-old college student.

Why It’s a Great Gift

  • Fast and incredible processing time
  • Beautiful, sleek design
  • Astounding battery (life lets you go for up to 12 hours without charging)
  • Very light

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Canon EOS Rebel T6 Digital SLR Camera

Top Tech Gadget

Canon Eos Rebel T6 Digital Slr Camera

There are a few things that are true for every 21-year-old:

  • They want to have fun
  • Create memorable experiences
  • Do interesting stuff

Well, there’s a particular gift that basically checks all those boxes: a digital camera.

And one of the most advanced digital cameras you can get your hands on these days is Canon’s digital SLR camera.

With this camera in her hands (or around her neck), your daughter will be able to photograph her life and encourage her document memories that would otherwise be gone.

Note: This is much more than a camera; it is a fully-fledged camera kit that consists of an adaptable collection of valuable photography and imaging tools.

Why It’s a Great Gift

  • One of the finest entry-level photography packages in the market
  • Works great, and the bundle is downright amazing
  • Comes with everything needed for entry-level photography

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GoPro HERO5 

Gopro Hero5 Black

Life is colorful… especially when you’re 21.

How do you capture all those colorful moments? With GoPro’s latest high-end video camera, your daughter will be able to capture all the fun, joy and life’s color in Full HD. She’ll fall in love with it the moment she hits record for the first time.

Tip: The camera has also been designed for seamless use with a vast selection of mounts and accessories any young woman in her 20s will love.

And of course –GoPro is “social media ready”. You can easily connect it to numerous mobile devices, which means your daughter will have an easy time sharing her videos online via social media.

Why It’s a Great Gift

  • Has impressive battery life
  • Video quality and resolution is incredible
  • The built is compact, durable and waterproof
  • Can connect wirelessly to various other devices

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Beats Solo3 Wireless On-Ear Headphones – Rose Gold

Beats Solo3 Wireless On Ear Headphones Rose Gold

Music is a key part of any young woman’s life. Hell, it’s a key part of anyone’s life…

But when you’re 21, music is like oxygen… and let me tell you, when you listen to your favorite song or playlist on Beats’ headphones, it will sound even better than before.

Dr. Dre’s famous headphones don’t just play music. They provide an experience.

And with a unique rose gold design, your daughter will get a fabulous gift she’ll actually be able to use every day. Plus, it’s wireless, so she doesn’t have to be physically close to the music player to actually enjoy her music.

Why It’s a Great Gift

  • Amazing sound quality
  • Comfortable for everyday use
  • Multifunctional thanks to the on-ear controls (activate Siri, control music and receive calls)
  • Wireless connectivity provides added convenience
  • Gorgeous & sleek rose gold color

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Fitbit Charge 2 Heart Rate + Fitness Wristband – Plum

Fitbit Charge 2 Heart Rate Fitness Wristband Plum

Fitbit is a great example of using technology to actually improve our well-being.

Compared to many other tech gifts that basically require you to stay in one place, the Fitbit actually encourages you to move your body.

If your daughter is having a hard time staying fit, then Fitbit’s powerful fitness tracker can motivate her to take her health & well-being seriously.

Why It’s a Great Gift

  • Offers excellent fitness tracking tools for improved overall well-being
  • The OLED display syncs seamlessly with your phone for added functionality
  • Allows for all-day fitness tracking
  • Fantastic battery life of up to 5 days.

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Get unique gift ideas straight from the Gift Samurai's Dojo

Personalized Gifts

You want to get your daughter a more personalized gift. A gift that fits your daughter’s nature and personality. Something she could form a deep bond with because it was special and meaningful to her. I get it… That’s exactly why I created this section of personalized gifts.

Remember, the big two-one only comes once… the goal here is to give your 21-year-old daughter something she’ll cherish for a long time.

Milestone Acrylic Birthday Plaque with Blue Marble Finish

Milestone Acrylic Birthday Plaque Blue Marble Finish

The 21st birthday is a memory worth cherishing, and what better way to do it than with a beautiful birthday plaque like this one?

Any form of a personalized message such as age, poem or a special message will be artistically engraved to always remind your daughter that nobody loves her more than you do.

When a birthday gift is personalized with your creativity & love, it’s certain that your daughter will develop a special attachment to it.

Why It’s a Great Gift

  • The plaque is exquisite in all ways
  • The personalized messages allow you express your love and acknowledge the achievements of your beloved daughter.

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Personalized Wine Glass

Top Personalized Gift

Personalized Wine Glass

Let’s be honest here, your daughter is turning 21… I bet she can’t wait to have her first legal drink.

And with a little bit of personalization, you can turn this into a very memorable moment in of itself.


With your daughter’s very own personalized wine glass.

Trust me, there’s no better way to have your first glass of wine than in your very own customized wine glass.

Why It’s a Great Gift

  • A gift she’ll appreciate (you know, being legal and all…)
  • It’s almost impossible that someone else will get her a similar gift
  • The personalized message will inspire feelings of being loved and appreciated

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Silver Jewelry Box with Lock and Key

Silver Jewelry Box With Lock And Key

What better way to treasure the Jewelry gifts and keepsakes you just got for your 21st birthday than in your very own, personalized silver Jewelry box?

This Jewelry Box is so stunning, that it can steal the focus from the Jewelry inside.

The box is silver-plated with a lovely floral pattern along the edges which gives an exotic, classy touch.

Why It’s a Great Gift

  • Comes with a unique padlock and key to keep its contents secured safely.
  • A unique gift that will remain a valued treasure for your daughter even as she blows her 100th
  • The elegance of the box makes it a perfect adornment for a vanity or dresser top

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Gift Baskets

Gift baskets are a fun and delightful way to express your love & care for your sweet daughter.

In fact, I haven’t met a 21-year-old girl who didn’t appreciate a lovely gift basket especially filled with delicious or vibrant presents.

And of course – don’t forget to add a personal birthday card to give your gift basket a sentimental touch.

Essence of Luxury Spa Gift Basket

Top Gift Basket

Essence Of Luxury Spa Gift Basket

Can you guess what this gift basket is all about? Pears, pears everywhere.

This pear-themed luxury spa gift basket has an AMAZING pear-scent, which is known for its amazing scent (that’s why many spas use it religiously).

The pear gift collection includes 6 remarkable items:

  1. Shower gel
  2. Bubble bath
  3. Body scrub
  4. Body lotion
  5. Bath salt
  6. Sisal sponge

It’ll give your daughter the ultimate spa experience she’ll be able to enjoy several times.

Tip: It’s 100% pure: no parabens, no animal testing.

Why It’s a Great Gift

  • 100% purity
  • This luxury edition delivers the ultimate spa bliss
  • Helps your daughter get a beautiful, glowing skin

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Birthday Gift Basket Box Tower – 6 Tier

Birthday Gift Basket Box Tower 6 Tier

A freakin’ tower of sweets & chocolates… what else do you want me to say?

OK, let me tell you some details:

  • Amos chocolate chip cookies
  • Savory pub mix
  • Popcorn or Puffcorn (assorted flavors)
  • Choco nut trail mix
  • Assorted candies (6 pieces)
  • Dark chocolate salted caramel balls (5 pieces)
  • Lindt chocolate Lindor truffle (assorted flavors)

Overwhelming huh? Reading this list of treats definitely is… but getting it as a gift is a huge delight.

A tremendous gift basket that’ll take your daughter’s taste buds through a whole new world of pleasure.

Why It’s a Great Gift

  • Everything is beautifully wrapped to give your daughter a birthday experience like no other.
  • Full of wonderful treats that your daughter will love
  • The perfect gift for an enthusiastic parent who wants to make her daughter smile on her birthday

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Art of Appreciation Gift Baskets Essence of Luxury Vanilla Spa Bath and Body Gift Set

Art Of Appreciation Gift Baskets Essence Of Luxury Vanilla Spa Bath And Body Gift Set

The name kind of says it all, doesn’t it? Art of Appreciation – no chance in hell your daughter wouldn’t appreciate this luxury gift basket.

This unique spa collection is a deluxe gift that is hand-arranged to make it as attractive as it is flashy.

Inside the beautiful, cotton-lined basket is an array of assorted flavors all designed to give the birthday girl a wonderful experience.

This lavish Vanilla gift basket has a TON of items (more than I can write on here anyway) … the perfect mix of quantity and extraordinary quality.

Tip: There’s also an option of personalizing the package further through a customized message from the sender.

Why It’s a Great Gift

  • The items in the basket are hand-picked to make the birthday girl as happy as she possibly can be
  • The arrangement is exquisite and will definitely brighten the party.

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Funny Gifts

She’s finally done it. Your daughter has officially become an adult. And she can finally have some drinks, legally! This surely calls for a big celebration.

So, what do you say you make her birthday an extraordinary one by getting your daughter these uniquely hilarious gifts.?

Finally 21 – Girl – Wine Bottle Labels Birthday Gift – Set of 4

Finally 21 Girl Wine Bottle Labels Birthday Gift Set Of 4

Obviously, one of the reasons why your daughter is excited about being 21 is probably because she’s now allowed to legally drink.

This is a great opportunity for you, as her parent, to prove to her that you trust her as an adult.

Trust me, there’s no better way to enjoy your first wine bottle than with this exciting set of wine bottle labels. 

Why It’s a Great Gift

  • Adorable and extremely
  • Absolutely loved by energy-driven girls who love parties and adventures.
  • Fit many different bottle varieties and types
  • Very easy to use

Get from Amazon

Top Shelf 21st Birthday Wine Glass – Hand Painted

Top Funny Gift

Top Shelf 21st Birthday Wine Glass Hand Painted

Your daughter’s 21st birthday present has to represent the excitement this special day represents. 

These joyful wine glasses will ensure your daughter 21st birthday goes from great to amazing. They will instantly set the mood of your daughter’s special day, and make her first legal drinks an even happier event.

Why It’s a Great Gift

  • Every gift is specially crafted allowing you to customize it with unique personalization.
  • Hand-painted designs are innovative, edgy and bold.

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1st Legal Shot Glass

1st Legal Shot Glass

How should you take your first EVER legal shot? In a random shot glass?

Hell no!

If you’re about to have your first shot, do it right…

The 21st birthday party is a unique birthday where you get to enjoy a few shots, so might as well use these funny 21st birthday shot glasses.

Why It’s a Great Gift

  • High-end shot glasses of excellent quality
  • Adds a shot of humor to the party

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This concludes the best gift ideas for your daughter’s 21st birthday (did you notice that there are 21 presents on this list. Coincidence?).

Remember – choose wisely… After all, your daughter only turns 21 once.

I wish your daughter a happy birthday… I bet it will be, thanks to her brand-new gift 🙂

I’m dying to hear which of these special gifts you ended up getting your little girl (not so little anymore, is she?) …

Let me know in the comments!

21st Birthday Gifts For Daughter
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